“The Year Ahead”, Magazine Forté Issue 01


It can be difficult to accept the idea that we can’t always write our own fate.  So we must discover and acknowledge the other influences that determine our options and outcomes, so we can then interpret our true possibilities.  Understanding one’s place in the spiritual labyrinth can help us to map out our way to the future we want, instead of regarding our conditions to be ruled by chance.  Astrology is one way to decipher the map: the twelve signs of the Zodiac are the twelve stations for the sun moving across the celestial sphere.  Taking into account your personal history against the occurrences of the universe, you can understand the paths of spiritual forces that express your reality.  Your horoscope is your set of directions to guide you through the celestial map of the spiritual universe.

Aries signs are in charge.  Always chasing after thrills and adventure, her dynamic energy is unstoppable.  They are natural leaders, enthusiastic and independent.  Fire signs radiate energy, and are resilient against anything or anyone that tries to discourage them.  They have a distinctly masculine energy, and are drawn to someone who can offer a more feminine energy for balance.  Aries are direct and candid to a fault, which often stems from their unrelentingly naive nature.  The first sign of the spring equinox and the beginning of the astrological new year, Aries are a breath of fresh air, a powerful new beginning to the Zodiac cycle, especially in the upcoming year of change and upheaval.  The first half of September is ruled by the Aries’ short temper, but the second half of the month promises new career opportunities.  A wealth of rubies awaits every Aries who channels the energy of fire.

A Taurus uses his cool, collected attitude to keep others at a distance.  He is determined to control his surroundings; he naturally craves security and stability, and gravitates towards those just like him.  Tauruses are balanced, conservative characters by nature, giving the Taurus a taste for the finer things, He may seem distant at first, but ultimately is a very patient and reliable person, and has a soft spot for earth and nature.  Full of mystery, a Taurus has another side that is usually well hidden from others.    A Taurus is represented by emeralds because he can easily become green with envy, jealousy, and possessiveness, but also work as an antidote for every poison.  This month will offer the Taurus a varied social life, leaving less time for family, but will have to control his ego near the end of the month to maintain balance.
One never meets a Gemini, one only meets one side of every Gemini.  The twins of the Zodiac, they are not necessarily two- faced but merely very distinctively multi- faceted.  While a Gemini can often appear mysterious or detached even contradictory, they are merely misunderstood, and often discussed and dissected by others.  Always on the move, Geminis naturally crave new experiences and variety, making the upcoming year one of tough choices but ultimate clarity.  They are great communicators and love to talk more than any other sign and writing and foreign languages come easy to them.  Like the two distinct sides of this sign, September brings together two opposites: a peaceful and happy first half of the month won’t last, as domestic and family stresses take over after the 17th.  Like the agate, a stone of many colors and facets, a Gemini is a natural chameleon.

Cancers are born under the dark and mysterious moon, always hiding and shifting.  Above all, he is a creature of love and romance, and Cancers the most alluring of all of the signs.  Keenly intuitive, open to psychic influences, and a hopeless romantic, the Cancer can easily fall into a fantasy world.  They crave intimacy, closeness, and an outlet for their moodiness, uncompromising in their need for quiet and solitude.  A Cancer will have a fluid upcoming year, a river of renewal.  For September, the Cancer should concentrate his energies on his family for the first two weeks, as work obligations will keep him preoccupied until the end of the month.  The translucent moonstone will always shine to guide a Cancer back to his nocturnal nature.

The lion is the dominant sign in the Zodiac.  Radiant leaders, soulful, and adventurous, the only thing she should fear is her own pride.  A Leo’ s character evolves throughout stages over a lifetime: the Sphinx is wise beyond their years and is a great leader and teacher, which is exhibited through their intense commitment to others, the lion is the king of the jungle, with an ego but very protective of those they love, and the lion cub is young, scared of the new and terrified of being alone.  Above all, the Leo craves love, adventure.  This month will deliver a strong flow of creative energy from the first day of September until the third week, when stress from expenses ensue.  Her ego is her downfall, but the Leo is courageous for another year.  A radiant ruby suits the Leo’s radiant, noble nature.

A Virgo is a rare orchid, needing special attention and optimal conditions.  However, once those conditions are met, a Virgo will blossom to be the most creative, successful, and motivated of all of the Zodiac signs.  Shy, yet sharp, the quietly confident sapphire shines for Virgos.  Just like Virgos need to be nurtured, he understands how important it is to nurture those they care about, and are often the first to give attention, advice, and companionship.  Empathetic, they understand others because of their deep and reflective nature, and remain optimistic, never becoming cynical over broken hearts or disappointments.  Virgos will get a slow start to September, as stress and tension takes over, but will be rewarded with several weeks of intense creative energy flow for the last several weeks.

A Libra is always looking for the perfect love, and this attainment or disappointment drives their character and choices in her life.  While they may seem like happy go lucky people, Libras are attracted to drama, and are often deeply affected by their personal relationships.  Libras are feelers, not thinkers.  However, when they do find that perfect love, they are in paradise.  They are also talented at fulfilling a role, making it easy for them to achieve career success, and a socially fulfilling new year.   Opportunities of wealth and social interactions shower the Libra for most of September, but will be slowed down by unexpected expenses near the end of the month.  The fiery opal suits the dramatic Libra.

A Scorpio lives for passion and power, and intensity and drama is visible in his eyes.  However, he is the most secretive of all of the Zodiac signs.  They are intuitive old souls and seem to have the right advice for everyone else in their lives, but often have trouble taking their own advice, and are unable to forgive or forget.  It may be an uncertain for future for him, but Scorpios always prevail.  Calm in appearance but turbulent in emotion, the influence of the scorpion is always nearby, which is the darkest level of a Scorpio’s personality: manipulative and insensitive.  However, the opportunistic Scorpio can also choose to channel the eagle: invincible, turning every situation into an opportunity.  Once in tune with his sign, the full potential of the Scorpio is the Phoenix resurrected, detached and most powerful.  September is an excellent month for the Scorpio in every aspect of their lives, especially in terms of their career.

Sagittarius is the most vibrant, expressive sign in the Zodiac.  Her free spirit drives her to follow careers and lifestyles that explore media, travel, and new culture.  Optimistic and independent, she is capable of taming her wild tendencies once in tune with her sign;  since the centaur is one half of her Zodiac, she strives for balance between the human and animals halves of her personality, sometimes causing her to be honest and forthright to a fault.  The healing properties of the Topaz encourage harmony in her influences However, a Sagittarius believes that anything and everything is possible, and is ultimately unpredictable and spontaneous.  The Sagittarius sees through September with characteristic harmony, ending on a very positive note of high creative energy.

A Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, and Capricorns are ruled by success and status.  However, he can follow one of two paths in the Capricorn mythology: the mountain goat, who always move upwards and strives for the best, and the garden goat, who needs a push to get started, fearing an uphill battle.  However, both are patient and persistent enough to reach their high goals.  The Capricorn as cautious and conservative, but willing to risk anything for love and ultimately, security.  For the next month, the Capricorn will see a dip in overall energy and activity, with sudden spiritual interest during the second half of the month.  The garnet will bring a Capricorn luck, but his natural discipline will bring a Capricorn success in the future.

The Aquarius is the undisputed new ruling sign of the zodiac, and leads the way for all of the other signs.  She likes to have something to look forward to, and often suffers from insomnia because she can’t quiet her mind, often finding the need to retreat from others to gain perspective and collect her thoughts.  She is most creative, innovative, and makes friends and allies everywhere.  An Aquarius earns the loyalty and trust of everyone they meet by their ability to remain impartial, even though they often hold strong political and social beliefs.  They are often philanthropic leaders, and should be rewarded with amethysts.  She will feel a resistance to her ideas during September, ending on a challenging and frustrating note.  Her leadership abilities will be tested.

The Pisces, symbolized by a fish with two heads, one looking upwards and one looking downwards, easily confuses those who try to understand him.  Very alluring, talented but lacking clarity, the Pisces lives in a fantasy world.  Ruled by powerful emotions and creative impulses, the Pisces can just as easily become a millionaire as a tortured artist.  His philosophical vision carries him through much emotional chaos, his sensitivity always rules.  Spiritual moonstones offer the Pisces strength as he prepares for another mercurial year.  For the near future, however, the Pisces has much to look forward to.  Although he will have the occasional emotional strain in his relationship in September, he will accomplish many of his goals in the very near future.


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