Here’s How a Former Department Store Became a “Curatorial Machine”

“Ce que vous allez voir n’existe pas encore.” The cagey invitation—announcing something to the effect of “What you’re about to see does not yet exist”—has been beckoning Paris Métro riders for a few weeks already. But you can already see it. 9 Rue du Plâtre, a seven-story building styled in the Haussmannian architectural tradition, has […]

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Lulennial: A Low Hanging Fruit Lulu / Mexico City

There is a paper-thin — leaf-thin — line separating the stages of a fruit’s lifespan, from its succulent, florid peak, shapely from carrying its maximum sugars, to its hastily intoxicating, heavily fragrant bletting rot. Anyone who has hoarded a single extra avocado on the countertop can tell you the same. The fickle leathery orbs of […]

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