Charting New Territory with Contemporary Ink Art

With origins dating back millennia, ink painting and calligraphy have come to visually define the Chinese artistic tradition. Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center places them in a modern context with its new exhibition, 墨境 Ink Worlds: Contemporary Chinese Painting from the Collection of Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang. Dedicated Bay Area arts philanthropists and Stanford […]

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The Photojournalist Who Embraced Reality and Captured History

Deserted muddy roads; neat rows of soldiers dressed in their elegantly starched white uniforms; overturned pickup trucks ablaze with orange flames; a 14-year-old Nubian barefoot in her red dress, wheeling away her burlap-covered husband in a wooden cart to bury him away from the open field where he was gunned down. These are the images […]

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