Critic’s Guide: Los Angeles

Critic’s Guide: Los Angeles Jennifer Piejko’s guide to the best current shows in LA Brook Hsu, ‘Signs of Life’ Vernon Gardens 13 May – 7 July 2017 Using cheap area rugs as her canvases Brook Hsu paints uncanny, impossible creatures and phantasms. These, as in dreams, contend with personal, generational anxieties and deficiencies: a figure […]

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Malick Sidibé’s “Chemises”

Only someone with a lying mouth, according to Yoruba oral tradition, would speak first and look for visual confirmation second.(1) Untold centuries later, the expression retains its value: photography’s maneuvers depend on the fact that truth is determined by the eye. The complete history of photography is inextricable from colonialism in Africa—its establishment, rule, and […]

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